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How To Increase G-Flux To Create A Healthy Calorie Deficit? Welcome to Live Lean TV, I’m Brad Gouthro from LiveLeanTV.com. On today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 different ways that you can create a calorie deficit to lose weight and the best way to increase G-Flux. I’m sure G-Flux is a new term to many of you so I explain how to do it and it’s sustainable benefits towards the end of this video.

What is a Calorie Deficit?
First off, you may be wondering what do I mean when I say calorie deficit. Well you’ve probably heard the saying, “calories in, calories out”. This simply means, to lose weight, you typically need to be in a calorie deficit. You’re in a calorie deficit when your body burns more energy than you consume via food.


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But did you know there are different ways to create this caloric deficit? The word is thermodynamics, which in simple terms, refers to burning more calories than you consume.

Calorie Deficit Strategy A: Eat Less.
Eat 500 calories less then he burns in a typical day without working out. Example:
Total calories burned throughout the day: 1,900
Total calorie intake available from food: 1,400
Caloric deficit: -500 calories

Calorie Deficit Strategy B: Eat Less. Walk on Treadmill for 60 Minutes.
Willy wears his activity tracker and walks on the treadmill for 60 minutes to see how many calories the treadmill burns. Example:
Total calories burned throughout the day: 2,300 (1,900 + 400 calories from cardio)
Total calorie intake available from food: 1,800 (an extra 400 calories vs. not working out)
Caloric deficit: -500 calories

Calorie Deficit Strategy C: Eat Less. Follow an Afterburn Style Workout Program.
Total calories burned throughout the day: 2,550 (1900 + 650 calories from the workout)
Total calorie intake available from food: 2,050
Deficit: -500 calories

It’s pretty obvious which of these 3 ways is not only the most healthy way but also the most sustainable way to create a calorie deficit and lose weight.

The Winning Calorie Deficit Strategy Is:
The Answer: C
If sustainable weight loss was just a numbers game, all three calorie deficit strategies would be equal.

What is G-Flux?
The best way to create a healthy calorie deficit is by increasing your G-Flux.

This is a simple equation:

Eat more + Exercise more to still be in a deficit = Losing more (while still being strong and healthy)

When you exercise, you increase your metabolism, you burn calories and you elevate the amount of fat burning enzymes in your body.

You’re also keeping your body happy by feeding it an adequate amount of calories, thus keeping it from going into fat survival storage mode, and once again you’re increasing your metabolism.


The right amount of exercise increases your metabolism.
The right amount of eating increases your metabolism.
The trick is to exercise more, so you can eat more, while still remaining in a caloric deficit.

That’s G-Flux.
So stop starving yourself and start exercising more.

Just don’t go overboard with too much exercise.

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